Provide flashBANG with product
specifications, and we deliver a
working prototype.


Let flashBANG engineer your product for you, from early brainstorming to late-stage refinement.


Send flashBANG's user research team into the field to test your prototypes before scaling.


The customer experience begins at unboxing. flashBANG curates every detail to make lasting impressions and turn users into advocates.

I’m just reaching out to say, this is the best thing I have ever bought.
The step by step sequence is perfect; far and away the best instructions for anything I’ve ever seen.
— Feedback on the Particle onboarding experience
Kudos to @particle on the packaging of the #photon. Small, sturdy, light (cheap) and fun unboxing.
I’m super impressed. Slick packaging, good instructions. Can’t wait to stick it in a project.
— Twitter feedback on the Particle onboarding experience