Product Development

Prototyping & Innovation Partnerships

The Internet of Things has introduced an era of automated and connected interfaces, and there are very few professionals with experience and training in this new field. As your partner, we strengthen your position on the leading edge of this growing industry and help you avoid dangerous pitfalls. flashBANG provides deep expertise in hardware development, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, psychology, and industrial and UX design to create finished products that thrill customers on accelerated delivery timelines.


Proof of Concept

Innovation begins with you.

Our team of experienced designers and strategists work with you to realize your unique connected product. We can implement with depth, subtlety, and speed while maintaining complete alignment with your strategic desires.

  • Consultations on UI/UX for tangible and graphical interfaces

  • Development workshops on IoT, automation, connected hardware design, and prototyping

  • Problem solving and strategy sessions



Ultra-Rapid Product Development

Get ahead of the game.

Partner with our team for the fastest, full-service engineering and design cycle possible. We can turn an idea into a looks-like, works-like functional prototype in as little as a month, getting you to market quicker and saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in time, salaries, and technical risk.

  • Collaborative product development cycles
  • Finished prototypes that meet and exceed your needs

  • Full-service development including software, hardware, firmware, and design

Market Insights

Dominate the market.

Market research, user validation, and virality are critical the overall success of your product. We can maximize your impact and reach in targeted social channels with content that grows your reputation to new markets. Our history of "winning the internet," understanding of culture and art, knowledge of social patterns, and access to new channels ensures that the world will fall in love with your ideas.

  • Rapid market validation and targeted user research
  • Hardware-based marketing stunts
  • Viral content for developed products